OpenStack Part 2

For this week on my OpenStack project, I got networking for my servers and ssh access. My servers didn’t have networking on part 1, because I was trying to use a managed Cisco switch. Unfortunately, the university network I am on does not allow for managed switches unless you get it approved by the IT department. For the sake of time, I decided to bypass the IT department and use an unmanaged switch for now. I’m using a 5 port Netgear switch that is 1 Gbps. It should be good enough for now.

After hooking both servers up to the switch, I configured networking on them. I’m using my university’s DHCP server for now, and I’ll get a static IP later, since the IT department has to set static IPs on their DHCP server (which can take a few days). I also installed OpenSSH on both servers for remote access.

Also here are the specs of both of my server, for future reference:

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU  –  E5430  @ 2.66GHz

4 GB ram

255 GB storage

1 Gbps nic

These are the system requirements for OpenStack:

Both of my servers meet the requirements.

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