OpenStack Part 4

This week James and I continued the install process for OpenStack. We began with installing MongoDB, because OpenStack uses MongoDB for its Telemetry service. Next, installed rabbitmq, because OpenStack uses rabbitmq for its message queue system. The message queue system coordinates operations and status information among the different services OpenStack uses to operate correctly.

After that we moved on to “Add the Identity service” section of the documentation. The first step to adding the Identity service was to log into MySQL using the command line and  then create a database. However, when we tried that, we ran into a strange error.

Here is the command we ran to log into MySQL via command line:

mysql -u root -p

This is the error we got after we ran command:


Both of our servers had this same issue. We tried to use Google to find a solution to fix this problem, but we had trouble finding any solutions. I think I’m going to ask one of our professors for help, hopefully we will get it figured out so we can continue next week.

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