OpenStack Part 5

James and I have been working on an easier solution to install OpenStack. The method we were trying just wasn’t working. Specifically we got stuck on creating the domain. We tried using the following command:

openstack project create --domain default \

It didn’t work though, and we couldn’t figure out why. It just kept giving us an error, saying the command isn’t valid. Here is a link to the doc page where we got stuck:Doc page

After that, we tried using Ubuntu’s Autopilot for OpenStack. It’s an installer for OpenStack, specifically designed for Ubuntu. Here is a link to it: Ubuntu Autopilot. Unfortunately Autopilot didn’t work either. I would try to install OpenStack with Autopilot, but it never started installing. I’m guessing there was a bug with somewhere that was causing it to fail.

The last method we tried to install OpenStack with, was devstack. Here is a link to the guide we followed: Devstack. Using devstack was the most successful method. We actually got OpenStack to install and run, but we ran into a major issue. The management webpage failed to load and we got a 500 internal server error every time we tried to load the page. We Googled for hours trying to figure it out, and we even reinstalled Ubuntu server and installed the devstack again. From looking at the log files for devstack, we determined that it was an issue with a configuration file. However, when we tried to edit that config file, it didn’t exist. Devstack isn’t supposed to be a legit OpenStack install, it’s just for testing purposes. I don’t know if the config file failed to get created, or if the developers left it out of devstack. Either way, we can’t fix it without the config file.

So after failing with three different methods to install OpenStack, James and I decided to switch our project. We were frustrated and tired of spinning our wheels. We decided to setup a Chef server with two nodes instead. I’ve had a little experience with creating Chef cookbooks before, but I’ve never setup a Chef server so it will be new to me. My blog will have a new category for Chef. I may come back to this someday as a personal project, but for now I’ll be focusing on Chef instead for my class project.

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