Chef Part 2

James and I have been working more on Chef. We have made a lot of progress since the last post. We’ve been using the Chef tutorials to help us get everything setup. Here is a link the the tutorials: Chef tutorial.

We now have our first node running and connected to the chef server. We have also uploaded our first cookbook to the chef server. We just made a simple recipe that runs apt-get update, installs apache2, and change index.html to say “hello world!”. We kept it simple since it was the first cookbook we made.

Below are pictures of the Chef Manage web GUI, showing that our cookbook is on the server. Also there is a screen-shot of our node connected to the server. We removed the IP addresses and also organization and username from the pictures, for security reasons. That’s why there are white  lines on some parts of the pictures. We plan on getting our second node connected for the next post, and maybe we will dive into Test Kitchen as well.



Shown above: apache2 cookbook uploaded to chef server


Shown above: node connected to chef server

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